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An online store of experiences for your website

Gigle makes managing live or online experiences effortless and it automates the miscellaneous odd tasks of sales. For your customers it offers a modern digital way of buying - seamlessly integrated to your website.

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Save time and focus on things that matter

Do you still sell experiences with a quote form on your site? After you customer fills the form you'll start the negotiation process that'll take time and money from everyone? No more!

With Gigle's toolkit, you'll sell productised experiences without quotes, within minutes. Straight from your own website. With our tools you can automatise e.g. availability, contracts and payments. With your time saved you can focus to more demanding customers or experiences that actually require tailoring.

Do you still confirm availability of the service provider manually - with e-mail, phone or dear god with a FAX machine?!

Availability can be checked immediately with our calendar integration and with other availability tools. Made for the need of experience industry.

Have you package and wrapped your offering of experiences beautifully on your site and are all the information updated?

With Gigle's toolkit you package and govern experiences buy yourself or with your experience providers!

Do you offer your customers the possibility to buy well packaged experiences straight from your site?

With Gigle's toolkit you'll serve customers that do not wish to ask a quote and that are ready to make a purchase immediately. Gigle integrates seamlessly on your website offering a modern and digital buying opportunity for your customers.

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How does one use Gigle's tools?

Circus artists from Cirko's Elämyspalvelu

From Cirko’s Elämyspalvelu you can buy amazing modern circus experiences and world-class artists for your events no matter the atmosphere or type of event.

Improvisation experiences from Stella Polaris

Stella Polaris offers their most popular experiences that you can now buy straight from their website - with just a few taps.

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“Gigle is the future’s way of filling the vacancies in your gig-calendar. Effortless and modern service with plenty of potential.”

Joni Pakanen, Magician

"Major amount of gig sales could be done without manual work which is why we see Gigle’s tools as a great opportunity for us. With the help of the toolkit we can minimise manual work caused by sales processes and spent our time more wisely, without negative impact to sales. Benefits of Gigle’s service is major both economic but also well-being wise when it comes to minimising work load."

Henrietta Ikonen, Stella Polaris

"Especially these times, when bigger productions are on hold because of corona virus, it is vital to create more performing opportunities and revenue streams for single artists."

Riku Lievonen, Cirko (T&T+S magazine)

It's easy to setup Gigle

We help in every stage from planning to analytics.

1. Book a demo

2. Set up a launch date

3. Package your offering

4. Add Gigle on your site

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